Couper Studio 2016
Modern Art Blitz interview 23 October 2016
Skull Biennial 2016, The Studio at Sahara West Library, Las Vegas, NV, USA 21 Oct - 9 Dec 2016
Vignette-30 Years at Tylee Cottage 1986-2016, Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui, New Zealand, 19 Nov 2016 - 12 Feb 2017
In Memory of Water, Room, Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NYC, USA, 2016
Karlsruhe Art Fair (Galerie Gimpel+Muller), Messe Karlsruhe, Messeallee 1, D-76287 Rheinstetten, Germany, 16 - 18 February 2017
Idem Print Project Residency (in association with Editions Komela), 51 rue du Montparnasse, Paris, France, February 2017
Tilting The Basin: Contemporary Art in Nevada, Downtown Las Vegas, NV, USA, Spring 2017
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